Saturday, March 21, 2009

Da Vinci art exhibition

Currently in Hamilton, there is a Da Vinci art exhibition being held.

In art this term my art class have been doing some art inspired by Da Vinci and a few of the students in the class had some very good work and were invited to go to the art exhibition along with their art which will be put on display at the art exhibition.

this subject was put in the Hamilton 'This Week' paper and the article reads

'Students from several intermediate schools have contributed artworks to an exhibition at Waikato U-zone Gallery.

Entitled Inspired by Leonardo, the art works complement the Da Vinci Machines exhibition currently on display at the museum.

Fair Feild intermediate artist ....... ....., 11, was motivated by Da Vinci's genius as an inventor and an artist."He was born in the 1400s and he drew up sketches of the helicopter and the bicycle many years before they were even invented," he says.

"I just find it quite amazing that he invented all those things and he painted the Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world."

At Berkley intermediate the students studied Da Vinci's visionary painting perspectives and groups of students created Renaissance-inspired frames.

Berkley intermediate artist ..... ......, 12, was enthused by Da Vinci's painting genius and used linear perspective to create her masterpiece.

"Da Vinci started painting when he was about 21 and he went to Verrocchio's studio," she says.

" He soon took over from Verrocchio."

Museum education manager ..... ........ was thrilled with the quality of art work contributed by the various schools.

"It's really nice to have a collaboration by the school," she says

..... says there will be two hangings of the students' artworks to accommodate the various schools involved.

The first hanging of Inspired by Leonardo runs from March 18 to June 14 at Waikato Museum U-zone Gallery.

The Peach grove intermediate dancers may be invited to perform at the museum again if a second stage of the current exhibition is staged.'

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  1. Good work I think that I am going to read that paper!!